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The New Code of Cities

How will the corona crisis change office life? What should cities do to reinvent themselves for tomorrow? MIT researcher Carlo Ratti and Steelcase VP James Ludwig shared plenty of ideas in their DLD Sync session…

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DLD Sync is our interactive webinar format that brings together outstanding speakers and our DLD community online. Find upcoming events and an archive of video recordings on our dedicated DLD Sync page.

Insights from DLD Speakers

DLD quote Ian Goldin

“It’s business as usual which created the pandemic. It’s business as usual which is leading to climate change, to escalating inequality.

Ian Goldin, Oxford, DLD Speaker
Ian Goldin
DLD20 quote Marietje Schaake

“Regulation should not stifle innovation – but we should be very careful not to put innovation in a higher order of significance than democracy.”

Marietje Schaake, Stanford University, governance, portrait, DLD
Marietje Schaake
DLD quote Roger McNamee

“I believe that technology can make the world a better place – but we’ve forgotten that. In our pursuit of billions, we have forgotten our humanity. And that is a tragedy.”

Roger McNamee, Elevation Partners, Facebook, investor, critic
Roger McNamee
DLD20 quote Cady Coleman

“I always thought space was somewhere else – but space is part of where we live.”

Catherine Coleman, Cady Coleman, Astronaut, NASA
Cady Coleman
DLD Sync quote Carlo Ratti

“There was a social norm of having to be at the office. I think that has changed … Maybe we find a better reason than just going to the office.”

Carlo Ratti, MIT Senseable City Lab, architect
Carlo Ratti
DLD20 quote Muhammad Yunus

“We’ve created a system that sucks all the wealth and brings it to the door of some select people. It’s a ticking time bomb – socially, politically and economically.”

Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize Winner, DLD, portrait
Muhammad Yunus
DLD Sync quote Margaret Heffernan

“Uncertainty is an absolutely defining quality in life, and we should stop fighting it and learn how to make it our friend.”

DLD Circular quote sustainability

“A farm, overall, is the highest example of circularity. You can have as much as the Earth lets you have there.”

Quote Beatie Wolfe

“Music is a universal connector. It encompasses everything that is stimulating to us.”

Beatie Wolfe, singer, songwriter
Beatie Wolfe
Robotics quote Philipp Zimmermann

“Robotics is not dangerous. Robots are a tool to help us and make us more powerful.”

Philipp Zimmermann, Franka Emika, portrait
Philipp Zimmermann
DLD Sync quote Scott Galloway

“We’re going to see big tech partner with universities. In ten years, a school like MIT will not welcome 3,000 students to its freshman class but 30,000.”

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